Letter from the rector

The Rev. Patrick Gray



Here at Christ Church, we’ve identified four core values that define the culture we seek as a body of believers in ministry together. They answer the question, “What is Christ Church all about?”


Our four core values are: THANKS, CARE, LISTEN, TELL.


A culture of THANKS:

Thanksgiving is foundational for our lives as Christians, so it’s no surprise that the primary act of worship is called “Eucharist” – thanksgiving. We are thankful to God for our own lives, the life of the world, and the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This thanksgiving is not just for Sundays, but for all of our days, all the time – to be and live in a constant state of thanksgiving.


A culture of CARE:

Care is woven into the very fabric of Christ Church. We’re striving to build a culture of stewardship – caring about and for what God cares about.  Programs like Stephen Ministry and Good Company help to maintain and develop this culture of caring – for each other, for our community, and for the world.


A culture of LISTEN:

Christ Church is a place to listen to God.  And as we listen, we discern, we discover what God wants for our lives – our spiritual gifts and vocation.  We listen to the communities around us, attentive to where we can best serve.  We listen for what God is calling us to do, so that everyone at Christ Church is a minister and missionary of Jesus Christ.


A culture of TELL:

Scripture is very clear about how important it is to tell the story of Jesus and his love. Christ Church is a community that thinks that story is worth telling, and not just on Sunday mornings. We are committed to telling the story through both word and deed. We practice telling the story in classes like “Caring Evangelism,” and we demonstrate God’s love as we engage a growing list of local and global organizations.


I hope you’ll join us as we continue exploring all it means to give THANKS, CARE, LISTEN and TELL the world about the great love of Jesus. 


Father Patrick Gray