Weekly updates about how you can connect with Christ Church

Updated July 15, 2020:

Dear Good Folks,

As we continue to work with the diocese in planning for in-person worship at Christ Church (hoping for September 13th with a "soft opening" on August 30th and September 6th), we wanted to give you an update.

Virtual Worship - Our virtual worship continues on Sundays at 9:30 AM via Facebook Live (you can livestream even without a Facebook account by visiting, and we will continue to livestream services even after in-person worship has resumed.

Phases & Stages - Just as the Commonwealth has four "phases" for reopening, the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts has developed four "stages" for churches desiring to reopen.  To make matters confusing, however, these "phases" and "stages" do not overlap very well.  Although the Commonwealth has recently moved into "phase three," most churches in the diocese (including Christ Church) are still in "stage one."  To move into "stage two," we must receive approval from the diocese, and we are working on a re-opening plan that meets the diocesan "stage two" criteria.  For those who would like more information on the diocesan "stages," you can find that here.

What "Stage Two" In-Person Worship & Formation Will Most Likely Look Like - Although it will be wonderful to worship in-person at Christ Church again, things will be different for some time (see the link above for details).  The service will look similar to what you now see for virtual worship on Sundays at 9:30 AM, being Morning Prayer with Spiritual Communion, since "actual" Communion will still not be allowed.  Other than a Cantor, there will be no congregational singing.  Masks must be worn by attendees at all times.  And social distancing will require us to have parishioners sign-up online to reserve a "spot," which will basically be a designated area in a pew that provides adequate distance from other "spots" in other pews (think a "spot" per pew, with a "spot" comprising a household of anywhere from one to four/five persons).  There will be no nursery care, nor will there be coffee hour or anything food-related.  It does appear we will be able to do some version of an adult formation class in the Parish Hall (limited to 25 attendees), but as it stands right now, there will be no children’s formation classes (although we can continue to meet virtually, and we are looking into other possibilities, as well) until we move to "stage four."

So Do You Want to Come? - Given the ongoing concerns of the pandemic, and the constraints to our worship and formation programs in the various "stages," we would love to hear from you about your level of comfort in returning to Christ Church. 

Father Patrick

Posie Mansfield, Co-Warden

Kaye Cook, Co-Warden

Updated June 21, 2020:

Virtual Worship is available with Sunday Morning Prayer on our Facebook page at 9:30 a.m. coming to you LIVE from the church with Father Patrick and Organist, Jack Russell. You may follow along with the bulletin.  You will hear the sermon and musical offering live on Facebook or on the replay. The weekly sermon will also be posted on our website later on Sunday. 

Please keep the following people in your prayers this week: prayer list.  

Congratulations Graduates: Christ Church is pleased to recognize the following students for graduation under the most unusual circumstances this semester:
High School - Lucas Jindra, Marvin Warnsing, Maddie Jutras, Jesse DeWeese-Boyd
College - Daniel Webber
Doctorate - Paul Mason
Architecture School - Brian Bishop
Law School - Ryan Groff
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. - Jeremiah 29:11

Family Promise has halted all rotational hosting during the pandemic, with families temporarily staying at the Day Center or other safe locations.  Churches are following their scheduled host weeks by providing food for the families in the program.

Christ Church begins "hosting" on 21 June. We are providing food via donations to the food fund.  Approximately $20/day is needed to feed the families in the program.  Even if you have never volunteered before, you could sign up to provide meals at the following link.  Click below and look for the link to the food fund in the description.


Because there is much to be determined about how Family Promise will move forward, staff members Rachel Hand and Katie Day recently put together a video update for volunteers and supporters, which you can view at the YouTube link below.


You can also join in this summer’s fundraising effort, The Move to End Homelessness.  Sign up to bike/swim/walk/run/roller skate/scooter to raise funds and awareness for the work of Family Promise.


Thank you, Christ Church, for your support and prayers for our housing insecure neighbors.

Angel Tree Families: A huge thank you to the Christ Church community for providing the grocery store gift cards for Angel tree families in Gloucester!  Because of your generosity, we now have sufficient cards to cover all of the needs we are aware of.  We were even able to expand our giving to another 5 families, giving to 12 families in total.  It was an unexpected blessing for the families, and they were so extremely grateful for it.

Please see the attached flyer for Essex County Community Organization (ECCO). 

Updated June 14: 2020: 

-New Time- Virtual Worship is available with Sunday Morning Prayer on our Facebook page at 9:30 a.m. coming to you LIVE from the church with Father Patrick and Organist, Jack Russell. You will hear the sermon and musical offering live on Facebook or on the replay. The weekly sermon will also be posted on our website later on Sunday. 

Prayer & Presentation, including Coffee Hour is on break for the summer, but we would like to encourage you to get involved in one or more of the small groups listed below. Deliberate connection and communication remains important as we continue to practice physical distancing.  To become involved in the virtual meetings below please email or call the contact person.  All are welcome!

* Parish Prayer Support Group – meets Thursdays  7:00 - 8:00 p.m.  Contact – Rachael Galbraith

Updated June 7, 2020: Trinity Sunday

Grocery Gift Cards for Angel Tree Families in Gloucester:

From parishioner Rachael Galbraith:

This has been a particularly hard time for a lot of families on the margins in our community. Recently one of the families that Christ Church provides Angel Tree gifts for at Christmas reached out to me and wondered if I could provide any financial assistance to help her buy groceries.  I touched base with Maud Warren at Cape Ann Interfaith Commission and she thought it would be great if we could provide some assistance to the families we have regularly been providing for at Christmas by giving them grocery store gift cards just as we have done around the holidays.  If you would like to help purchase the gift cards for these families, call or text me at 978-239-5464, or email me at

Thanks in advance for your help!